Purdey Ngan


"........... After the explanation of Finance Freedom (FF) by Everest, thus I knew that "FF" is important to me, hence my time can be flexible to arrange between work and my children. I understood and agreed that we should make/ creative our own machine to run the funding automatically with a good system, therefore we can free our time to put into practice and step closer to our final DREAM! I hope my own machine can support my family to leave Hong Kong and adventure around the world !


Of course there is a RISK and no one can promise we can success. Although I am still working hard on my machine, you'd better be mentally prepared that you need to face the low tide period. You must ask how long it will take? Only GOD knows but trust yourself can overcome it. The risk can be unseen/in-regular income per month, it can be much packed / busier works compare with your previous regular full-time job or even some argument with your beloved one because he/she thinks you are CRAZY enough to give up an attractive and secured job.


Remember you lose a few, you win a few! Yes, I am facing the above risks but I'm sure I gained more than I lost. Honest, if you're a kind of conservative faction or needs a sense of security, stay where you are and keep on your works!


Good Luck and wish our DREAM comes true!



Eva Pak


I get to know Everest in a property investment seminar around 2 years ago. He caught my attention not only by his height but also his admirable result in property investment. Yet after knowing him deeper, he impressed me the most by his heart to serve and give – guiding the youngsters how to becoming financially free…   I have been working in a big corporation for more than 20 years, life is just like a glass of flat champagne, work hard, play a bit, rest & next day repeat again & again …. Until years ago, I realized that we live is not to work, we work to live. If my life ends up working like a robot, why should I born different from others? Fortunately years ago I recognized that being financially free can empower me to design a more colorful and meaningful life that I want, so I started investing in property in order to increase my passive income. Though I have only started for a short period of time, I am happy with the progress that I have made and will continue to do so. I am also pleased to have joy and love came along the journey.  For those who did not start sailing your boat towards financial freedom, ACT NOW!!!   Thank You Everest for taking initiatives to put in action showing our young generation a different way of thinking, aiming at empowering more people to achieve financial freedom and beyond!  Together, let’s give, love and live a better world J   Cheers, Eva Pak    



Eric Chan



我喺Eric(40歲) 在社福機構工作十多年!育了兩名小朋友。一天工作上遇上困難,想找一位有創業經驗的朋友傾下,我想起了Everest!他是我的大學師弟和舊同事。我在他身上學到了財務自由(FF)的重要概念和做人做事積極和誠懇的態度!認識FF令我在重要階段反思人生,調整人生目標和學習理財知識與方法,使我邁向更充實和有意義的人生路!


Nico Mui


Everest 是個具行動力的實力派, 短短幾年間就建立了不少的資產, 為日後其財務自由打好穩固基礎。Everest 為人冷靜, 分析能力强, 是個值得信賴的好拍檔。
建立非工資收入, 達至財務自由是我的目標, 財務自由上我可以選擇做自己喜歡的事, 陪我喜歡的人。在香港, 要財務自由就離不開房地產的投資, 其他的工具還有股票、基金、生意等等, 這些都是我現在使用 的工具。財務自由並不是一條易走的路, 但是努力, 學習, 一路實踐, 的確使我越戰越強, 希望有朝一日, 在財務自由的山峰上見 !







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